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Total Ankle Replacement

Total Ankle Replacement is a surgical option for those suffering with arthritis. This replacement surgery can mitigate pain and sustain action in the arthritic ankle joint. It is an alternative to arthrodesis that relieves pain and eliminates movement in the joint. While it does not have the same long term track record of knee or hip replacement, short term studies on ankle replacement are very promising.

Characteristics of arthritis of the ankle

Generally, the ankle joint is made up of the two bones of the lower leg in which the first bone is called talus or tibiotalar joint located in the foot. There is a chance for the joint to lose its cartilage covering through injury, wear and tear or by infection. The X-ray will present a narrowed joint with other modifications which the physicians valuate.

What are the types of surgery?

The treatment of ankle arthritis requires restricting the patients activities which are comfortable and making it certain that the shoe is comfortable and contented.

  • Commonly, a shoe that laces up above the ankle and holds a cushioned heel is considered to be more safe and protective when compared to other types of shoes.
  • Another option in surgery is stimulating of the ankle which can be provided by a piece of equipment known as an ankle lacer which fits to the shoe inside and laces up giving the look of an old fashioned boot.
  • The third option is considered for more considerable pain which is Ankle Foot Orthosis and a plastic brace which goes along the back of the leg, underside of the foot and fits inside the shoe.
  • It requires a slight larger size shoe than the usual size.

Who should consider Total Ankle replacement surgery?

It is based on pain which interferes with the normal activities all through the day in the situations during which the pain cannot be controlled with medication and bracing process. It is right to consider surgery with the consultation of orthopedic surgeons who helps you understand the situation and go for the surgery.