Partial Hip Replacement

Partial hip replacement is a surgical hip replacement where only the ball of the damaged hip joint is replaced through surgery. The operation involves the replacement of the ball of the femur which has worn from arthritis, degeneration or due to a serious fracture in which the ball of the hip is damaged. In such condition, the normal functioning of the body and legs are restricted which causes pain all the time.
Fractured and broken hips and traumatic hip injury are the main reason for partial hip replacement surgery, which is decided based upon the condition of the fracture and diagnosis by the surgeons to handle the problem. Today, those who have fractured their femoral necks are treated with surgery in which all the prosthetics have a modular head that fits on the stem.

How is the procedure performed?

During the procedure, the surgeon:

  • Makes a cut over the side or the front of your hip through the layers of tissue.
  • Removes the damaged and diseased cartilage or bone, leaving the healthy bone unbroken.
  • Implants the prosthetic opening in your pelvic bone in order to replace the damaged socket.
  • Replaces the top of the femur with the prosthetic ball which is fastened to a stem that goes well into your thighbone.
  • The techniques for partial hip replacement are developed by surgeon to provide good surgical method for the patient and recover in less time with care and advised exercises.

After the surgical procedure

The patient is moved to a recovery room for a few hours to wear off the anesthesia and a check on your pulse, blood pressure, pain or comfort level and alertness is performed with proper medications.
For quick recovery, physical therapy is advised with certain exercises which help you to regain the energy in your joints and muscles better than before. A lot of care and concern are provided for your new hip to walk without any assistance.