It is one of the most common types of bone disease. Decrease in bone mass and density is one of the major characteristics of this disease. Due to decrease in bone mass there is a huge risk of bone damage and can even cause fracture of bone. In this disease, patient experience certain decrease in various bone proteins, rapid reductions in bone mineral density and the microstructure of the bone can deteriorate.
If a patient experience a deviation of 2.5 of bone mineral or even less than the normal bone mass, then it can be termed Osteoporoses as per world health organization. There are two types of Osteoporosis. Patients are classified as primary type 1 and primary type 2 depending on the nature of the Osteoporosis. Secondary type is also occurring in some cases. Primary type 1 Osteoporosiss most common in women after their menopause.
Primary type 2 Osteoporosis are mostly seen in people over the age of 75 or more and this type of Osteoporosis can be seen in both males and females. It is in the ration of 1:2. The secondary type Osteoporosis can happen at any age and it can be seen both in males and females.

Risk factor:

Generally it can be modifiable but in some cases it is non-modifiable also. It is observed that Osteoporosis is most common in female as compared to male. Some of the risk factors are:

  • Excess alcohol consumption that can lead to this disease
  • Heavy metals like lead and cadmium are responsible for bone diseases
  • It is found in research that soft drinks consumption can cause Osteoporosis

Harmful Medication

It has been seen that long-term use of heparin can lower the bone density. Warfarin can increase the risk of Osteoporosis and if you use this in the long term and will even lead to fracture.